Eco complex “Bukor Shtepi” with its two corps “Magnolia” And “Linden” is located in Rodopi village of Mandritsa. This is one of the little still kept authentic pieces in Bulgaria, where there are no human steps almost, where the time has been stopped, where the nature has kept its beauty in its original look, where the ground and sky merge themselves in one blue-green line at the endless horizon. We opened our complex especially for you, to show you the beauty of Bulgarian nature, the charm of the resident people and authentic Albanian language that they speak, the historical sights of the region and many more things, which you will understand only if you visit this part of Bulgaria and if you come once you will leave a part of your heart here and will turn back again and again…

The two corps of the complex are located next to other at the square of the village of Mandritsa, they have a sight to the belfry of the church and to the Mountains. To its guests “Bukor Shtepi” offers real cozy and comfort. The interior decisions in “Magnolia” and “Linden” are with beautiful and clear forms and submit ideal conditions for relaxing vacation. For the guests of the complex we have provided a high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection and satellite television. There are bistro and lobby bar in the complex.



The swimming pool of Eco-complex “Bukor Shtepi” officially works for our clients from 1st of July 2017. The size of the pool is 15/7 m and it is 120/150 cm. deep. The pool has a special area for children – 60 cm. deep and hydro massage area as a part from the pool – 90 cm. deep.
The area around the pool is with comfortable sunbeds, tables and umbrellas. We have a summer bar next to the pool where our clients may order fresh drinks and delicious snacks.
We are waiting for you!

The pool works every day between 10 and 19 o’clock.


Prices for the swimming pool:

Monday – Friday
Adults – 6 leva
Children (from 3 to 12 years) – 4 leva
Children under 3 years – free
Saturday – Sunday
Adults – 8 leva
Children (from 3 to 12 years) – 6 leva
Children under 3 years – free

Our restaurant combines in itself the cozy and simply of pastoral with rich assortment of drinks and traditional Bulgarian meals. For you we make accent of healthy local recipes, garnished with popular wines from the region. The lovers of vegetarian food will be surprised pleasantly from the suggestions in our menu. You will feel very well with glass of wine in the hand, eating homemade cheese and enjoying at the sunset in the garden of the restaurant and at the sofas, listening quite jazz music. The interior will amaze you but… you will see alone.

Village of Mandritsa is charmingly nestled at the right side of Biala River (White River), at the most Eastern part of Rodopi Mountain, at the border with Greece. The village has kept its charm, authentic and language from the far 1636. The legend retells that the village had been established from three Albanian brothers, orthodox Christians from village of Vaskuki, near to Korcha, South Albania. The brothers had been cattlemen. The ottoman commander Ali Pasha obligated them to supply his army with milk, meat and other products to their way to Edirne region. The brothers with their families had to follow the army. They reached Eirene. Then Ali Pasha wanted to express his gratitude and suggested to the brothers to turn around all Edirne region and to find a free place which is suitable for their herds and to settle down there. He promised them to give a written permission – firman, which to make free from taxes the citizens of the future village, to allow the using of the Christian religion and to prohibitsettlement of Turkish people there. They turned around everywhere and finally found the most suitable place. They showed it to Ali Pasha. He gave them the ground and the promised firman. Instead the previous negotiated things the firman included the borders of the village marah as follows: passing of the herds beyond the river and their coming back for one day – these were the borders of the territory. Here they built а creamery (mandra – Bulgarian) and from this comes the name of the village. The village began to grow up quickly and at the beginning of 20th century the population reached 3500 persons. The manufacturing of tobacco, silkworm breeding and the trade had been the main activities of the citizens of Mandritsa. There were four mills, twenty two Mincers for sesame oil, one brickwork, and foundry for bells, manufacture for soft drinks, leather workshop and others in the past. There were two Greece schools in Mandritsa – one for men and one for girls and one kinder garden. There are two churches in the village – “St. Nedelya” (at the graves) was built in 1708 and is one of the oldest churches in the East Rodopi. The village church “St. Dimitar” was built in 1835. Nowadays the village is very depopulated. The old three floor adobehouses remind for the past times. There are some brick houses in Greece style, perfect representatives of Thracian architecture with carved ceilings, balconies from wrought iron and colonnades. The few still living there citizens go on the tradition to speak authentic Albanian language brought from their grandfathers and kept during the centuries of creation and rise of the village.