Eco complex “Bukor Shtepi” with its two corps “Magnolia” And “Linden” is located in Rodopi village of Mandritsa. This is one of the little still kept authentic pieces in Bulgaria, where there are no human steps almost, where the time has been stopped, where the nature has kept its beauty in its original look, where the ground and sky merge themselves in one blue-green line at the endless horizon. We opened our complex especially for you, to show you the beauty of Bulgarian nature, the charm of the resident people and authentic Albanian language that they speak, the historical sights of the region and many more things, which you will understand only if you visit this part of Bulgaria and if you come once you will leave a part of your heart here and will turn back again and again…

The two corps of the complex are located next to other at the square of the village of Mandritsa, they have a sight to the belfry of the church and to the Mountains. To its guests “Bukor Shtepi” offers real cozy and comfort. The interior decisions in “Magnolia” and “Linden” are with beautiful and clear forms and submit ideal conditions for relaxing vacation. For the guests of the complex we have provided a high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection and satellite television. There are bistro and lobby bar in the complex.



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