When you have a walks around Mandritsa fortress “Liutitsa” may be the endpoint of the route villa “Armira”, Aterenski Bridge, “Liutitsa”. Fortress “Liutitsa” or also the Marble city (for its construction is used only marble) is the most saved Mountain fortress not only in the East Rodopi but in whole Bulgaria. The fortress is built between 12th and 13th century. The height of the fortress wall is until 10 m and it ends with battle platform, there are still battlements and towers and 9 of them are kept to nowadays in their original height. In fenced from the fortress walls area from 26 dca in the past there was hosted a whole city which if it had been necessary could hide from invaders the population from the surrounding villages. The entrance of the fortress is only one and is protected from two rectangular towers. The fortress “Luititsa” is built at the highest point of the region and when the weather is clear there is a beautiful view to Dimotika and Edirne. To reach the fortress you have to walk above three hours and the way passes through villa “Armira”, Aterenski Bridge and the medieval monastery “St. St. Konstantin and Elena”.

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